Who we are

Two American artists based in Paris. We are unique in what we do. We believe art, in any form, can heal and inspire.

Jua Amir is an American artist who came to France with the Broadway musical « The Lion King.” As a performer he has also has participated in « Hair », « Freedom Opera Gospel », and numerous other shows. He was a contestant on season 1 of « The Voice – France“, and is the vocal coach of some of Europe’s most successful singers and largest musical theater productions, such as Michel Sardou, M Pokora, Shy’m, and the musical « Adam et Eve » by Pascal Obispo to name a few.

Jua Amir believes that ART is the facilitation of sacred energy, and a KEY to the spiritual, emotional, and sociological evolution of our Human Family. He has created a « method » of teaching this facilitation that he uses on an international level on students and groups of people from amateurs to Pop Stars. Jua Amir currently directs three choirs: one in Avignon, one in Paris, and one in Israel, and is working on a project of original music.

Crystal Petit chose her profession as a multi-passionate artist so that she could connect to people. At 5 years old, she knew the impact that a song could have on people; that a melody could transport people and take them to another place altogether.  Her first moments of artistic expression came through singing in church and school talent shows. The enchanted feeling that circulated in the room after a concert, no matter how big or small, was magical.

Later, after participating in the pre-curser to American Idol, Popstars, and making it to the finale, Crystal got the push she needed to make music professionally. She left Atlanta and moved to Paris in 2000. Her career as a singer, songwriter, coach and actress began. Seventeen years later she has acquired an unimaginable amount of unforgettable moments from collaborations with artists worldwide.

Crystal is part of a band named Because Of Lily and is co-creator/artistic director of the new musical, LIGHT.

Past collaborations

A few of her collaborations as a singer, songwriter and/or coach include

Cécile de France
Rossy De Palma
Ben Oncle Soul
Michael Youn
M. Pokora
Michel Sardou
Electro Deluxe
Adrien Gallo (BB Brunes)
Sylvie Vartan
French TV : Canal +, TF1, France 2, M6, Les Césars
Alliance Française Bangkok
Cannes Lions Festival 2017

Crystal is part of a band named Because Of Lily and is co-creator/artistic director of the new musical, LIGHT.

Le Roi Lion (The Lion King - Paris)
Adam et Eve (musical by Pascale Obispo)
Michel Sardou
M. Pokora
Kol & Soul (chorale en Israel)

Jua is currently developing original songs for his upcoming album as well as songs for the Singing Earth Divine choir.